B.B. King Foxwoods Casino, Uncasville, CT 1998-10-23 AUD - great performance and recording, nice long solos (mp3 sample included)

Since I've been away from torrenting for a while, I wanted to pass along something easy that you'll really enjoy listening to. The master cassette itself is somewhere buried deep in storage, but here is a direct transfer to CDr that was done at the time. And boy, did it blow me away when I got to listen to it again. Casino auditorium recordings as you probably know are hit and miss propositions depending upon who you are, what you mean to the casino, and where you luck out seating. This time we hit it right. The recording is crystal clear for an audience show. For a normally cheerful guy, B.B. himself was in a somewhat down, melancholy mood (over what we never did find out) and he played on this night from the bottom of his heart. It shows. There are long, long solos and each song is stretched out perfectly. For a 74 minute set, there are only ten tunes:

Setlist (believed correct, please advise) runtime 74:35

Intro/Let The Good Times Roll
Why I Sing The Blues
I'll Survive
Paying The Cost To Be The Boss
Darling You Know I Love You
The Thrill Is Gone
I've Got A Good Mind To Give Up Living And Go Shopping Instead
Got A Whole Lot Of Lovin"
How Blue Can You Get
Rock Me Baby medley (including band member booty shake/Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On/Shake It To The Bone

Lineage: Master cassette (Sony Walkman D3) German Fisher mike->TDK CDR-74 transfer through Sound Forge in 1998 ->EAC extraction ->FLAC

Notes: My first attempt to use EAC. Reports were okay, keeping my fingers crossed.


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