B.B. King
St. Michelle Winery, Woodinville, WA
August 12, 2000

Source : unknown mics > Sony Mini-Disc > 1st generation cassette (courtesy of M.R. archives)

Transfer : Zoom H4n (16/44 wave)

Editing : Soundforge (volume adjustment) > Wave > Audacity 2.3.1 > Flac


Kingrue kindly provided me with this show to share with all of you.

Thank you very much George!

01. Instrumental #1
02. Instrumental #2
03. B.B. King Intro
04. Let the Good Times Roll
05. Instrumental (Night Life)
06. I'll Survive
07. Bad Case of Love
08. Peace of Mind
09. Caldonia
10. Instrumental (All over Again)
11. Early in the Mornin'
12. Just Like a Woman / You Are My Sunshine
13. I'm Gonna Move to the Outskirts of Town
14. Three O'clock Blues
15. The Thrill is Gone
16. I Know
17. Don't Go No Farther
18. Makin' Love Is Good For You / Band Introductions

Band members:
B.B. King (guitar, vocal)
James Bolden (conductor, trumpet)
Calep Emphrey jr. (drums)
Leon Warren (guitar)
James Toney (keyboard)
Michael Doster (bass)
Stanley Abernathy (trumpet)
Melvin Jackson (saxophone)
Walter King (baritone saxophone)