B.B. King
Barton Hall
Cornel University
Ithaca, NY USA
April 8th, 2001

B.B. King Vol. 14 (Rue Remaster Version)

kingrue Notes:

Tape Source, Recorded By: Adam Bisogni

Radio Shack lapel mic -> Sharp Mini Disc -> CD Trade (circa 2003)

This is Uncirculated and Shared for the First, Here on DIME 07/28/12.


This recording is/was very distant and muddy. I put it through an EQ and added mids and

highs. I have provided a photo of the Eq setting. The Eq was applied (3x times) over.

This raised the clarity and brought it much closer and louder to the listener. Though this

did amplify the echo, most notable from the snare drum. The taper's mic picked up a strong

echo. I've never heard another recording from this venue before.

I did some decibel boosting during BB's speaking passages when he talks to the crowd.

He's usually hard to hear. I also lowered some crowd cheering portions. I really

focused on the screaming girl next to the taper, that just kills my ears to hear it.

Lowered and smoothed that down by as much as -8db.

To my credit, I almost Never Eq any of my recordngs, because i believe in leaving them

"As Is". My common practice is to only boost and balance channels and remove dead air.

After that, i will smooth out tape cuts, by piecing together tape flips, and editing

repeated portions. and doing some basic fade out and ins when needed.

Some tracks on this recording have tiny stop/starts.

I'm not sure if the Mini Disc was being paused or if it was from the original transfer 10

years ago, on lesser PC equipment. Overall it's a good improvement and worth having.

I think this torrent is for the more enthusiastic fans of Riley King.

I saw this tour, just like many others before. BB's showmanship was still strong and

his band created an incredible, snappy, bluesy back drop for BB to shine.

I'll see who grabs this up, :-)

Check out the before and after samples for comparison.

I'd rate the sound about a 7.5 / 8 out of 10. (VG+)

photo of Eq setting is included in the torrent.


This is missing the BB Blues Band warm-up songs.

Recording starts right when BB is being introduced.

01 BB King Intro
02 Let The Good Times Roll
03 I'll Survive
04 Bad Case of Love
05 Peace of Mind
06 Caledonia
07 All Over Again (Instrumental)
08 Early in The Morning
09 Aint That Just Like A Woman
10 You Are My Sunshine
11 How Blue Can You Get
12 Three o Clock Blues
13 Key To The Highway
14 Thrill is Gone
15 I Know
16 I've Got To Love Somebody
17 Please Accept My Love
18 Making Love Is Good For You
19 Band Intros>Fanfare Outro

Total Time = 91:50 min


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