BB King
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
2002-May 1
Halifax Metro Center

Lineage : Homemade mics-->homemade battery box with 144Hz roll off filter-->Sony MD-->PC-->Soundforge6-->level adjust and EQ-->FLAC 8-->you

Hi all,

It's been awhile since my last upload..
I am sure that you will like this rarely traded and never before posted gem from my Master collection.

This show is INCOMPLETE! But, it is the only known recording of this show

I went to this show to try out my new battery box. I recorded 15 minutes of the opening act, Mocking Shadow, as a test.
I then proceded to record the BBking set, but my battery died and I was unable to change it..I had 3 RCMP officers right next to me and I was a little leary of taking a chance.

I now wish that I had of...

I added the opening act "test" as tracks 1-3, the BBking portion is tracks 4 thru 15.

Please do not convert to lossy format or sell etc etc
Made by the fans, for the fans.

Check the artwork for the track listings.

As always, I am always looking for new Sum41, DankoJones and April wine shows..