Jelling Musikfestival
Jelling, Denmark

May 30, 2004

We have here a gift from hamp_dk who recorded this and
provided a transfer for preparation and posting :
"I started to dive into my box of MiniDisc recordings.
They were done from the end of 2001 up until about 2005.
I recorded a fair amount of shows. Some sound pretty good,
when considering the circumstances, others sound rather bad.
I never really shared any of these recordings before,
although a few have been copied once or twice.
I hope someone will enjoy my efforts."

The music was not familiar to him so I've done my best to fill
in the details (a few instrumentals are untitled).

This is a solid recording on "really cheap gear". There is
just a little very occasional overloading on the loudest parts
at the show (from the initial recording). The crowd is pretty
restive (closing show of the closing night of a four day outdoor
festival). It is mono and though the channels did not have
completely identical levels I left that as it was (the flacs
appear to have compressed as mono).

Some info and a poster are on the festival site here:


Philips Mono Mic SBC MD110 > Sony MD MZ-R900 (Mono mode) >
ZOOM H2 > SoundKonverter > untracked flac > TLH > wav >
Cool Edit Pro 2.1 (correct dc offset, hard limit +4 db,
edit, track) > TLH (sectors aligned) > flac (level 6)


01 intro (1:06)
02 band instrumental 1 (9:03)
03 band instrumental 2 (9:25)
04 intro of BB (2:00)
05 I'll Survive (5:02)
06 Bad Case of Love (3:25)
07 Paying The Cost to Be The Boss (3:54)
08 I Need You So (4:51)
09 Caldonia (3:18)
10 instrumental (3:25)
11 Whole Lot of Lovin' (3:48)
12 Key to the Highway (6:14)
13 instrumental > Rock Me Baby (9:33)
14 The Thrill is Gone (4:40)
15 I Know (14:27)

TT : 84:13


BB King - vocals, guitar
James Toney - keyboards
Charlie Dennis - guitar
Reggie Richards - bass
Calep Emphrey Jr. - drums
Stanley Abernathy - trumpet
James Bolden - sax
Walter King - baritone sax

Enjoy !