B.B. King
Bryce Jordan Centre
Penn State University
State College, PA

January 14, 2005

B.B. King Volume 18

Taped by John Bleich

Transferred by Brion Green

Edited by SIRMick

Addtional Editting by George (kingrue)

Sony ECM-MS957s > Sony WM-D6 Cassette

Transfer Lineage:
Mac > Nakamichi ZX-7 > Tascam HD-P2 > 24/96 wav > Adobe Audition > Wavelab (with iZotope Ozone 4)
> iZotope RX Advanced > 16/44.1 wav > CD Wave > TLH > Flac


I'm going to dedicate this one to LKWay1.

Some of you are already going to have this one, since it first surfaced in 2009 (not from Dime)

This version is going to be a bit better and stronger sounding. I did some needed re-work on this.

The taper claims that there is a Tape Flip after Track 09. (I honestly don't hear a tape cut)

For some unknown reason the last ten minutes of the show is missing.

The tape flip claims to be at the 47:30 min mark.

That would make Side B only 35:13 min. (that's if a 90 min tape was used)

Question is, What happened to the rest of Side B?? and Why is it cut off when there should be more blank tape left?

Maybe he just got up and left early??


Recording Notes:

I made some notable adjustments to this recording.

I re-tracked and seperated additonal tracks during the medley.

I boosted and balanced the volume of the entire recording, raising it by 2 decibels.

I boosted BB's speaking voice an addtional 3 to 6 decibels, during each song where it was needed.

I know his mic is kept at an angle, so when he speaks it's not always directly in front of him.

I selected individual hand claps in intrusive areas and lowered them by 6 to 10 decibels.

There is some strange distortion coming from the guitar amp during the opening track, for about 30 seconds, then it clears up.

The Sound Quality is Very Good to near Excellent.

Check out the sample and enjoy.

01 Blues Band Instrumental 1
02 Blues Band Instrumental 2
03 B.B. King Intro Jam
04 Why I Sing the Blues
05 I Need You So
06 Bad Case Of Love
07 Night Life
08 When Love Comes To Town
09 All Over Again
10 Early in The Morning
11 Ain't That Just Like A Woman
12 You Are My Sunshine
13 Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
14 How Blue Can You Get
15 Key To The Highway
16 Rock Me Baby
17 The Thrill Is Gone
18 Please Come Home For Christmas

Total Time = 82:44 min

Enjoy it

George (kingrue)