BB King
Columbus Civic Center
Columbus, GA. USA


Audio extracted via VLC for SugarMegs stream.
Samsung Digital Cam SCD103 (internal mics) > sony mini dv tape > firewire > PC > Nero > DVD > PC
(note - I just recently ripped this back to a PC, so PC is added at the end of lineage )

2nd concert I ever taped . stealth from lap. steady capture .
No chapters, no menu.

No setlist ( feel free to make one and let me know the setlist )

battery died so the end of the show is not captured
but 1:33:51 of this show is captured.
the end of this show freezes,( around 1:32 ), probably due to the battery , and or, the old DVD I ripped
there is a blue line on the right side of video at times . I'm not sure why, or what caused this

I've only sent this to 2 , maybe 3 , people, so this probably is not in circulation.

a good capture for my 2nd ever attempt at taping . great closeups . great mics on the old Cam. Music sounds good.

Bobby Blue Bland opened, but was not captured

2 of BB's grandsons were here , as well as 2 of his great grandchildren.

taper - jackflash
( JF02 )
uploaded by jackflash

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