B.B. King Blues Band
Molde Jazz Festival
Idrettens Hus, Molde, Norway
23 July 1985

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Broadcast by NRK in two parts on 6 & 24 August 1985

Part 1:
1. All Over Again
2. Woke Up This Morning
3. Ain't Nobody's Business
4. Rock Me Baby

Part 2:
1. How Blue Can You Get
2. One Of Those Nights
3. Why I Sing The Blues (instrumental)
4. Ain�t Nobody Home
5. Interview segment
6. Guess Who

Total time 1:09:39 (31:12 + 38:27)

B.B. King - guitar, vocals
Leon Warren - guitar
James Bolden - trumpet
Edgar Synigal, Jr. - tenor saxophone
Eugene Carrier � keyboards
Russel Jackson - bass
Tony Coleman - drums

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