B.B. King and Bobby Bland
Shubert Theater
New Haven, Connecticut

March 3, 1985

Source: Nakamichi CM 300 cardioid mics > Sony WM-D5c > 2nd generation cassettes (w/Dolby C)

Transfer: Nakamichi BX 300 w/Dolby C (on), azimuth adjusted > Olympus LS 10 (wav 44.1) (transferred by scottsays)

Editing: Wave Pad Sound Editor (split tracks)

Post Production: pitch correction done within Soundforge by kingrue.

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It's time for another round of blues.

Here comes another brand new BB King and Bobby Bland recording joining the digital world for the first time.

The interesting thing about this show is that it was during a short time period when BB King had a female singer in the band.

Deborah Voston was an official member from March 1984 - March 1985. She wasn't a back up singer, she didn't hang out on stage.

Instead Voston would just come out late in the show and sing 2 songs.

Voston sings 'Take Your Hands Off Him' & 'Evil Gal'.

Before Deborah comes out, BB starts into the opening notes for "I Just Can't Leave Your Love Alone" (I wish he would have played that).

But then BB realizes it's Voston's turn as she walks out on stage (with no introduction or applause).

I never quite knew why she was involved, but I assume BB was sweet on her and liked her singing style.

You can still find Voston singing in Chicago, I think.

Though a quick search for her, came up empty. I know I saw her on facebook a couple years ago. She'd been singing hard rock ?!?

As for Bobby Bland, I never really liked his music or his signature throat froggy growl. ugh, that just rakes my nerves.

Bobby and BB were touring buddys/friends for some 30-40 years. It would be easy to say that BB saved Bobby's career.

As you'll notice I don't have a set list for Bobby's show.

The sound quality is average, but some louder songs come through pretty well.

It's not often we get the opening act with BB. I figured you blues fans would enjoy this double bill.

band members:

Deborah Voston - percussion, vocals
Eugene Carrier - keyboards
Leon Warren - guitar
Russell Jackson - bass
Tony Coleman - drums
Edgar Synigal - tenor sax
James Bolden - trumpet

Recording notes:

The tape flip for Bobby's show was during track 110 @ 6:45 min.

BB's show was originally recorded onto 3 tape sides.

I found the tape flips between tracks 207 & 208 and another flip during track 213 @ 5:03.

Thanks goes to Scott for supplying the tapes.

As long as I'm around there will never be a short supply of BB King.

samples provided

Bobby Bland show = 52:28 min


B.B. King show = 90:34 min

201 Blues Band Instrumental 1
202 Blues Band Instrumental 2
203 BB King Introduction Jam
204 Untitled Instrumental
205 Caldonia
206 Outside Help
207 When It All Comes Down
208 All Over Now
209 Better Not Look Down
210 Rock Me Baby
211 Take Your Hands Off Him
212 Evil Gal
213 Band Introduction Jam
214 Thrill Is Gone
215 How Blue Can You Get
216 Fanfare Outro





201 Blues Band Instrumental 1.flac:03c9ab0a104f88ab84e22faf3472a43c
202 Blues Band Instrumental 2.flac:2da404207d45d2c3a6aab7045a875bbc
203 BB King Introduction Jam.flac:ec926d06fb358842e717fa84b4b6e1b5
204 Untitled Instrumental.flac:3f06305a658f07f7b3c63ff71d29a623
205 Caldonia.flac:920aec6561cc61696a57e730d39dd833
206 Outside Help.flac:03f733337aefdcaa84c26750df361526
207 When It All Comes Down.flac:1014434f9b007eae4b5e056e23656ad0
208 All Over Now.flac:faf9159d89a9cd26b367a35bd18b90db
209 Better Not Look Down.flac:3aeacbafc39a17e5d54f3d2abe047787
210 Rock Me Baby.flac:c606ed14693bda06998106b77462059c
211 Take Your Hands Off Him.flac:fc99f4432a17a0ffca4f7085f278feff
212 Evil Gal.flac:10bd2c8617c1677af2a19b5fef02abb8
213 Band Introduction Jam.flac:52aacef359a6c9c250db6c19d7b40214
214 Thrill Is Gone.flac:b425a4fd6350adc8a79b16db893fb6e8
215 How Blue Can You Get.flac:862cca0febde44380f67792e2e661f7d
216 Fanfare Outro.flac:f7414aa2f939f9cbc6b19026a74b3728

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