BB Odom And The 43Rd Street Blues Band
June 11th, 1983
Chicago, Illinois
Checkerboard Lounge

1st gen tape(tdk ad90)>technics rs-t36r>r9(line in)>2gb memory card>pc>audition>cd wav>tlh(flac 8)>you

The 4 sides of the 2 tapes were spliced togther using audition with some hiss reduction being performed.
The volume was reduced at a few points( by-0.2db) to prevent clipping. The tracks were then cut using
cd wave. Otherwise, nothing else has been done.

The taper responsible for this show is deceased and the master's location remains unknown and possibly destroyed.
Nothing fancy was used to record this show. It was just a standard recorder of the day using the internal mics.
The quality is what you'd expect using basic period equipment. It has a rather raw, upfront sound with a
decent mix. The tape itself did have a few rough patches, but the blues are not meant to be pretty. There are
also some starts and stops, mostly between sets but there are a couple of others. The last tracks cuts out as well.
These tapes are not the complete performance. It is unknown at the time of this writing exactly how much
is missing or even if the whole night was recorded. He likely ran out of tape, not thinking he'd need more
than three hours. 5.6-6.5/10

the guitars are smokin and all the players blaze away well into the night. Take a step back into time and have a seat
upfront at the original location of the Checkerboard Lounge.

BB Odom- Guitar/vocals
Pete Allen-Guitar % vocals
Melvin Taylor-Guitar
Murphy Dawson-Bass
Brother Sam Goode-Drums # vocals

Disc 1

01) instrumental 1
02) instrumental 2
03) Dust my Broom -%
04) What I'd Say - %
05) The Twist- %
06) Everyday I Have the Blues - %
07) Driving Wheel

Disc 2

01) Everybody Knows About My Good Thing #
02) Steppin In #
03) Feel Like Breaking Up Somebody's Home #
04) Love Her with a Feeling - #
05) The Thrill is Gone
06) Feel So Bad
07) Your Love Means So Much to Me
08) You Make Me Feel So Good (includes brief intermission jam)
09) Slow Blues

Disc 3

01) mc
02) Down Home Blues #
03) Ill Play the Blues for You
04)Ive Got A Funny Kind of Feeling
05) Blind Man
06) Let it Shine
07) Driving Wheel

enjoy. feel free to share. support the musicians.

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