BR549 - Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club, Birmingham, England. March 16, 1997 "FM Master"

Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club
March 16, 1997

BBC 2 FM Stereo Broadcast
Recorded by JTT

Technics ST-G 70L>Akai GX95 Mk11 (Maxell UD11 C120) Dolby B>
Akai GX95 Mk11 (Playback) Dolby B>Soundforge 8 (Track Marks, Fades)>FLAC

Transferred by JTT, December 2006

01. Change The Way I Look
02. Bettie Bettie
03. My Name Is Mudd
04. My Eyes Are Jealous
05. Georgia On A Fast Train
06. Pain, Pain Go Away
07. Settin' The Woods On Fire
08. What's The Matter With The Mill
09. Hometown Boogie
10. Honky Tonk Song
11. Lifetime To Prove
12. You're A Humdinger
13. A Thousand Times
14. Little Ramona (Gone Hillbilly Nuts)
15. If You Ain't Lovin' (You Ain't Livin')
16. How Come It?
17. Crazy Arms
18. Love's Gonna Live Here Again
19. Cherokee Boogie