BR-549 1-30-03
Durango, Colorado
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Set 1

1. Cherokee Boogie (first couple seconds are hot, then soundman irons it out)
2. Too Lazy to Work, Too Nervous to Steal
3. T For Texas
4. Fool of the Century
5. Daggummit
6. There Stands the Glass
7. Uneasy Rider
8. Aint Got Time
9. Shotgun Boogie
10. Honky Tonkin Lifestyle
11. Devin in Me
12. Crazy Arms
13. My Window Faces the South
14. Change the Way I Look
15. Waitin' Till the Time when Ill Be Yours and Youll be Mine
16. Bang and Stomp
17. Sweet Girl to Me
18. Run a Mile

Set 2

1. That's What I Get
2. Opie and Me
3. Old Cat Shat in the Shavings
4. If Teardrops Were Pennies and Heartaches Were Gold
5. Salty Boogie
6. What's on Your Mind
7. One More Saturday Night
8. 6 Days on the Road
9. Coraline
10.Little Ramona
11.18 Wheels and A Crowbar
13.Cajun Persuasion
14.Live Fast, Love Hard and Die Young
15.Way Too Late to Go Home Early Now