Baaba Maal
Thursday, October 13, 2011
L2 Arts and Cultural Center
Denver, Colorado

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01 - Intro
02 - Baayo
03 - Interview
04 - Tindo Quando
05 - chatter
06 - unknown 1
07 - unknown 2
08 - unknown 3
09 - unknown 4
10 - encore break
11 - unknown 5

-Baaba Maal - guitar, vocals
-Jim Palmer - multi-instrumentalist
-Mamadou Sarr - percussion

-- Greg Harris Vibe Quintet opened the show
-- Interviewer - Chris Salewicz
-- Tracking could be off on this

For more than 20 years, Senegalese singer Baaba Maal has been making music for the world to enjoy.
Renowned for his fiery vocal performances and his musical fusion of western sounds with the traditional
beats and melodies of West Africa, Baaba Maal has earned immense critical acclaim on his home continent
as well as becoming a seminal artist in the world music arena.

This October, Baaba Maal is coming to the US to headline a series of speaking dates moderated by
music journalist and author Chris Salewicz. Baaba will discuss his personal experiences growing
up in Africa and traveling the world, his views on issues facing Africa and the African diaspora,
as well as other assorted issues of the day.

Baaba's work has also extended beyond music and into the realms of humanitarian spokesperson.
In 2003 he became a youth emissary for the United Nation's Development Program and he is known
for his outspoken stances on HIV/AIDS in Africa, the growing role of women on the continent and
his support of youth-based initiatives to help Africa move into the new millennium. To promote
these causes, he has worked with the AIDS-oriented Red Hot Organization on two of their albums,
including 2002's Red Hot+Riot.

During his talks, Baaba will be playing some of his legendary songs alongside multi-instrumentalist
Jim Palmer and his longstanding percussionist Mamadou Sarr.

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