Band: Baba Naga
Venue: Tramlines Festival, The Great Gatsby
City: Sheffield
Country: England
Date: 24th of July 2016

Recording: Audience
Lineage: SP-CMC-22 > Zoom H1 > Cooledit Pro > .wav > .flac > Dime
Quality: B

06 Popo Bawa
07 Osku Til Osku

Another Tramlines recording, Baba Naga were curating their own stage,
following LOGS (Rory Loveless, Drenge, Rob Graham, Wet Nuns + Drenge, and
Nick Chantler, Seize The Chair + Menace Beach) and preceding God Damn
headlining, the sound is quite good, but their is a bit of crowd noise
around as the venue was very much over capacity. I am not sure with the
setlist, with a few new songs being played, so any updates are appreciated.

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