Psychedelic Network Festival # 4
Cafe Cairo, Wuerzburg, Germany
November - 25 - 2011
Day 1 - Act # 2

From SEETHELIGHT7 collection # 360

Rec. Info:
OKM2R -> ZoomH2 (16/44) -> SD -> HD -> Audacity (edit/remaster) -> WAV 16/44 -> TLH8 -> FLAC -> DIME -> YOUR EARS AND one of these GREAT days...
Recorded by the master himself, SEETHELIGHT7, at app. less than 2 meters from stage left side. My personal "kotou" to him, for doing all this for me and you.
The recording is more than superb, given the truth, that OMK2R (thank you Soundman), is the only truth between cheap and fucking expensive equipment. But it's stealth,
as rules are that way over here...There was a weird indoor mix on this show alternating left or right channels to be much louder (a mystery to me). Also Mr. Lorenzo's
Jaguar guitar was much too loud at start of show, which was put down a bit later. THere's also a light buzz appearing in the later in-between-sections, but it doesn't
affect any of the music. Some pics by Lord Die are also included. Thanks a lot for your great shots. Much apprechiated!!!

And here we go with round # 2 of that fantastic small indoor festival at lovely Cafe Cairo in Wuerzburg (one of the loveliest towns in good old Germany). If you don't already
know this band, there's surely something you missed in your life! How to describe their music the easiest way? Think about a 60's garage rockn roll band paired with primal
stoner rockn roll a la Monster Magnet, add a lot of psychedelic guitar, and maybe - also adding the personal presence of Mr. Lorenzo Woodrose (which can't be seen here,
but there are visuals to follow) - you're right in there. But that's only a small glimpse at their skills. I'd seen them about a year before, opening for SIENA ROOT, but
this time, with a time schedule of not only 60 mins, but double time, all their longer tracks breathed in the life they were written for. I dig this very much, and it was
of course the most crowded show at PNF until late saturday evening. Truly a band worth being a headliner! Get their records, there are a lot out, and a lot to discover.
I'd suggest CHASING RAINBOWS for a first listening. Have fun as I do/did. SB.


FULL SHOW (104:09)

01. Intro by Lorenzo (0:48)
02. Jam (16:34)
03. Nobody's slowing my fun (8:16)
04. Fortune teller (2:53)
05. Laughing stock (2:31)
06. Chasing rainbows (7:06)
07. Let yourself go (2:55)
08. Pouring water on the drowning man (2:28)
09. Volcano (6:13)
10. Caught in a whirl (4:02)
11. Let yourself go - 2nd version (3:01)
12. Countdown to breakdown (11:35)
13. All over now (5:28)
14. ... (6:37) *
15. Baby Woodrose blows your mind (10:11)
--- Encore ---
16. Right to get high (3:14)
17. Live in a dream (10:10)

Some track titles are matter of suspect.
* cover by The Painted Faces


LORENZO WOODROSE - guitars, voice
MADS SAABY - guitars, backup voice
KARE JOHANSEN - bass, backup voice
HANS BECK - drums