Bachman Turner
Matakana, North Aukland
New Zealand
February 17th 2013

Conversion = Handy Zoom 24/96>Soundforge 9.0>44/16>
CD Architect 5.2>Wav>Flac

Sound quality varies between 6 - 8 out of 10
samples to be provided
sorry no artwork
Master by DaD member Clouso


Disc One
01. Roll On Down The Highway
02. Rock Is My Life
03. Not Fragile
04. Hey You
05. Hold Back The Water
06. Moonlight Rider
07. Looking Out For # 1
08. Four Wheel Drive
09. Stayed Awake All Night
10. American Woman

Disc Two
01. Waiting Game
02. Blue Collar
03. Shakin' All Over
04. Rolling Along
05. You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
06. Let It Ride
07. Taking Care Of Business

Here is a show courtesy dime member Clouso on one of his first attempts using the
Handy Zoom with I'm assuming the internal mics. Hopefully he can answer any tech questions.
Unfortunately this show has intermittent mic noises or wind problems. Not too distracting.
I tried my best to smooth out the harsher sounds. Bass heavy to start with, I also eq'd for a
better listening experience. Enjoy the show, theklopeks