CNE Grandstand,
Toronto, Canada - August 24, 1976.

Source: Unknown Audience Recording.
Quality: Good to Very Good-, 7/10 rating.

Set List:

1.Take It Like a Man 4:37
2.Give It Time 5:21
3.Hold Back the Water - Welcome Home 10:30
4.Don't Get Yourself in Trouble 8:18
5.Find Out About Love 4:45
6.Blue Collar 6:21
7.Rock is my Life & this is my Song 5:09
8.Not Fragile 4:36
9.Let it Ride 2:52
10.Hey You 2:19
11.Four Wheel Drive 11:58
12.You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet 3:59

70:50 Minutes.

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