Bachman Turner Overdrive
Harpo's Concert Theater
Detroit, MI
July 1, 1984

98.7 WLLZ FM Broadcast Recording

2 FM Master recordings on cassette > CD-R > EAC (secure) > Goldwave > TLH > Flac Level 8 (align sector boundaries)

01 Introduction / Let It Ride
02 Gimme Your Money Please
03 Can't Wait For the Weekend
04 Hey You
05 Blue Collar
06 My Sugaree
07 Not Fragile
08 Rock is my Life
09 Hold Back the Water
10 Sledgehammer
11 Mississippi Queen

01 Stayed Awake All Night
02 American Woman
03 You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet
04 Roll On Down the Highway
05 Four Wheel Drive
06 Takin' Care of Business
07 Thank You For The Feeling
08 Interview

Total time 1:38:18

Bachman Turner Overdrive 1984 was:
Randy Bachman - lead & rhythm guitar, lead & backing vocals
Tim Bachman - lead & rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Fred "C.F." Turner - bass, lead & backing Vocals
Gary Peterson - drums

Justdave's note's about this version:
This project came about because every version on the net seems to be from the same source. That source is pretty deficient in the bass department and also incomplete missing the final encore "Thank You For The Feeling" and the interview after the show. So I decided to encode my master recording.

I attended the show with some friends and had my ex-wife record the broadcast for me at home. She forgot to start my tape until the band intros just before "Blue Collar", 4 tracks were missed but she caught the rest of the show for me. Like most people she thought the show was over after "Taking Care Of Business" so she started to fade the tape but figured she would record the interview for me to make up for the 4 lost tracks. As she faded the recording back in the band was taking the stage for one more song. So I had a tape with 4 tracks missing, enter my friend with his recording. His tape had the first 4 tracks mine was missing but had suffered some deteriation making some parts un-listenable. I used the first 4 tracks from his tape and the rest are from my own tape. The splice comes before the band introductions. My buddy's tape also had less bass than mine so some remixing was done to make the sources sound a little closer. CD break was made at "Stayed Awake All Night" because this is where the tape flip was at.

I played both tapes on a Sony TC-WR661 Cassette Deck through a Sony TA-AV561 AV Control Integrated Amplifier to a Sony RCD-W500C Compact Disc Recorder using the super bit mapping function, onto a Maxell CD-R Music-Pro. The CD-Rs were then ripped with Exact Audio Copy secured of course. The waves were then remixed & spliced using Goldwave v.5.04. The waves were then encoded to flac level 8 with Trader's Little Helper aligning all sector boundaries.

I don't know if I would call this the definitive version but this is the only complete version I have seen on the net. I do believe it has a better tone and warmth to the sound.

Many thanks to justdave for sharing this version on his blog!

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