Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Misty Moon
Halifax, Nova Scotia

August 1984 (commonly mis-dated as the broadcast date: Septmber 24, 1984)

Source: RKO Radio Network FM broadcast > CD Trade

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Traders Den 8/05/16

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This particular BTO show has never been on ttd.

There has been different copies circulating elsewhere.

This Halifax concert took place sometime during the 4th week of August 1984.

BTO also played Vaughan, Ontario Aug 26 and Ottawa, Ontario on Aug 27, 1984.

I'd guess Halifax was Aug 28 or 29, depending if they made a stop in Maine first.

If you've never heard this show and are a fan, then I'm sure you'll enjoy hearing this.

Band Members:
Fred Turner - bass and vocals
Garry Peterson - drums
Billy Chapman - keyboards
Randy Bachman - guitar and vocals
Tim Bachman - guitar and vocals

01 Jim Ladd Intro
02 Roll On Down The Highway
03 My Sugaree
04 Blue Collar
05 For The Weekend
06 Four Wheel Drive
07 You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet
08 Another Fool
09 Let It Ride
10 City's Still Growing
11 Takin' Care Of Business
12 Jim Ladd Outro

Total Time = 49:43 min