Bachman-Turner Overdrive
XX-XX-1988 Winter
Club Bene
South Amboy Nj

Aud-Sony Cass W/Remote Mic - Cool Edit Pro -Tlh
Master Tape No Eq Or Changes Made

Track List:
1 Hey You
2 Let It Ride
3 Blue Collar
4 ?
5 With Every Goodbye
6 Rock Was My Life
7 Blue Moanin
8 Yesterday Hero's (Tape Swap)
9 Not Fragile (Drop Out)
10 Drum Solo
11 Stay Awake All Night
12 You Ain't See Nothing Yet
13 To Tough To Die
14 Roll On Down The Highway (Tape Swap)

15 Four Wheel Drive
16 Taking Care Of Business

Recorded In Small Night Club In Nj
There Are Some Background Voices From Fans At Other Tables