BACK DOOR - BBC 'In Concert' 1973-xx-xx

Back Door
Paris Theatre, London
BBC In Concert
December (?) 1973

From 'DON'T DARE TO FORGET': Underground Disc

Silver CD>Xact>Flac

Ron Aspery - alto sax, flute, electric piano
Colin Hodgkinson - bass, vocal
Tony Hicks - drums

1. Folk Song 3:21
2. Roberta 2:57
3. Linin' Track 3:59
4. Forget Me Daisy 2:34
5. Blue Country Blues 2:56
6. His Old Boots 4:03

Uploaded in response to a comment by bluebomber, who recently offered another Back Door recording and said it was the only one
he had - here's another to add to the collection.

The second Back Door album '8th Street Nites' - on which five of these six pieces are featured - was issued in December 1973.
Although the exact date of this performance is unknown, the session was almost certainly arranged to coincide with the release
of the album.

This show has been available here a couple of times before - punkjazz uploaded a five-track version shortly before this upgrade
was uploaded by zubbid in November 2007.

The source of zubbid's upload was 'DON'T DARE TO FORGET', a limited-edition 4-CD bootleg box set of early 70's BBC 'In Concert'
sessions that came out on the Luxembourg-based Oh Boy label. It came packaged in a plastic briefcase containing a block of foam
in which the four discs ('Underground Disc', 'Overground Disc', 'Heavy Disc', and 'Folk Disc') were stored without individual
sleeves or cases. It also included a ring-bound calendar for the upcoming year of 1991 which included details of the set's
contents - one artist to a month. The featured artists were Back Door, Blodwyn Pig, Budgie, Home, If, Incredible String Band,
Plainsong, The Pretty Things, Tempest, Thin Lizzy, Tony Joe White, and Wild Turkey.

Thanks, then, to zubbid for the original upload.