Back Door Slam
Trilogy Lounge, Boulder CO

This show was recorded on a canon powershot sd750 at 44khz mono (for the recording device the sound is suprisingly nice) and I would give the rating of this recording a "B-" in general... So a collectors item at that. However, as Back Door Slam will undoubtably soon be a huge band, as they continue to sell out largeish venues, this is without a doubt a good show to check out, especially because the setlist is awesome! I unfortunately decided to totally cut out "stay" of the final version of this show because there was too much audience chatter which made the song utterly unlistenable (unfortunate cause its a great track). The total process of recording this show was:

Powershot SD750-->.wav-->Garage Band (fine tuning)-->.aif-->.wav-->.flac

Set List:
01- Takes a Real Man
02- Outside Woman Blues
03- Heavy on my Mind
04- Gotta Leave
05- Riding with the King
06- What in the world
07 (cut out of recording)- Stay
08- Come Home
09- Aint No City
10- Hoochie Coochie Man
11- It'll all Come Around
12- Too Late
13- Red House
14- Been Down So Long
15- Going to my Hometown

Total running time:
1 hour 21 minutes 53 seconds