The Back Porch Rockers
12/03/99 Dream Palace New Orleans LA
"By The Water" CD Release Party.
DAT clone>CD Sony PCMR500>HHb 850 in 2000.
CD>EAC>FLAC encoding 3/2015
master recording specifics lost, likely mastered by C. Weddle

The Back Porch Rockers are:
Dave Ray
Tony Glover
Camile Baudoin
Reggie Scanlan

Blow Wind Blow
Ive Got Love If You Want It
Shout Sister Shout
Somebody Loan Me A Dime
With Body And Soul
Im Just Your Fool
Who Do You Love
It'll Be Me
Someday Baby
Can You Hear Me Howlin'
Tommorow Night
Next Time You See Me
Cry To Me
Down In The Bottom
Dont Start Me To Talkin'
My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me
You Got To Take Sick And Die Some Of These Days
Im Ready
Cold Hard Facts Of Life
Mystery Train
Junko Partner