Backmore's Night
Chemnitz - Stadthalle
5th of September 2008

Recorded with a Sony M1 DAT recorder and Coresound binaural microphones.
3d concert of the 2008 "Secret Voyage" tour, according to fan comments one of the best
shows of this tour. For me, the absolute stiring highlight was the inclusion of a short
rendition of "Hey Joe", closely followed by "Smoke On The Water".

Disk 1:

01. Locked Within A Crystal Ball (incomplete)
02. Queen For a Day
03. Under A Violet Moon
04. Meddley: Streets Of London -
The Times They Are A-Changin' -
Soldier Of Fortune
05. Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus
06. Gilded Cage
07. Peasant's Promise
08. Good To Be Back Home Again
09. World Of Stone

Disk 2:

01. Fires Burn At Midnight
02. Toast To Tomorrow
03. Renaisance Fair
04. Rainbow Eyes
05. Keyboard solo (incomplete)
06. All For One (incomplete)
07. Dark Night - Hey Joe
08. Smoke On The Water
09. The Clock Ticks On
10. The Village Lanterne
11. Dandelion Wine


12. First Of May
(encore from show in Essen on 3d of Sept. 2008)