Well Midnight Oil's Great Circle 2017 world tour has come to an end. So after 6 weeks of R & R, Oil's drummer
Rob Hirst has rejoined his Blues Band Backsliders for some summer shows in New South Wales. So I found myself
at Narooma Golf Club on a Sunday night whilst travelling down the coast with my family for holidays. What a
great decision it was to stop in. Band were in fine form carrying on from their gig the night before in Milton.
They hadn't played together for about 9 months but it sounded pretty good to me. The joint was packed with
about 300-350 people so the atmosphere was fantastic. Well done to local promoter Tim Burke and his off sider
Fiona for putting on a great show. Met another fan Leanne McKnoulty there. She took a few photos which are
attached in this torrent. There are also photos from Kate Marsh, promoter Tin Burke and myself. Enjoy
Australian Blues from Backsliders with a Rolling Stones classic thrown in for good measure.


Tascam DR-05 recorder with inbuilt mics >> 24bit/48kHz WAV >> Acer PC Laptop >> Audacity >> FLAC 16 bit


Dom Turner - Guitar & Vocals
Robert Hirst - Drums & Vocals
Joe Glover - Harmonica

Set List.

1. Gonna Get Hurt
2. You are not Alone
3. Evil Cloud
4. Gimme Shelter
5. Gundaman Saturday Night
6. Shotgunn Blues
7. Sugar Babe
8. Light On Tonight
9. Feeling Blue
10. Jumper on the Line
11. Hanoi
12. Run Through the Jungle
13. First World Eyes
14. Emmett Till
15. You Three
16. Preaching Blues

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