Backyard Tire Fire
Cubby Bear
November 23, 2013
Chicago, IL
Recorded by: Picklemic & taperjoe
Sennheiser e914's > V2 + sbd > R44
Mixed & Mastered: Picklemic
Conversion to 16/44.1 by taperjoe: LMA download > Audiogate (decode to .wav, dither/re-sample) > xACT (flac 8 w/ SBA & tags)
1hr 40min

01. How in the Hell
02. White on the Walls
03. Piss And Moan
04. 31st Fall
05. Ready Or Not
06. One Wrong Turn
07. More Than A lot >
08. Better Day
09. Brady
10. James & Robert & Leon
11. Tryin' To Get Paid
12. Downtime
13. 1000 Gigs
14. Nick "Smelly" Curry banter
15. Shouldn't Have Took More Than You Gave
16. Gray Sky Blues
17. These Times
18. E) Break & Band Intro
19. Roadsong #39
20. Cinnamon Girl
21. Good To Be

Subwoofers in the PA are little insane during the 1st song.

taperjoe's extra notes:
Reunion show for "Up And At Them - A Benefit To End MS". This concert (which also included sets from Cpt. Captain and Davenport Ed) was organized by Johnny Perona (friend of Ed Anderson, frontman on guitar/vocals for Davenport Ed, and younger brother of taperjoe) who was diagnosed in February 2013. HUGE thanks to Johnny for making this excellent ROCK SHOW happen, & thanks to BTF for reuniting to help the cause! Thanks also to the Cubby Bear staff & everyone else who helped make the night a big success.