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Previously at: .... a version was offered.
This version is from a Liberated LP Bootleg "Live In Japan", Kornyfone label.
This version is brighter in sound, but is shorter in length, as some tracks have been removed to probably fit this onto one LP.
Also the songs here are not in the show order as they were performed.
With the exception of some vinyl surface clicks, this is an upgrade in sound.


Bad Company .... March 3, 1975
Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
(From the Kornyfone vinyl boot "Live In Japan")

Paul Rodgers- lead vocals, keyboards, guitar
Mick Raphs - lead guitar
Simon Kirke - drums
Boz Burrell - bass

Taper, & Taping Gear: ??unknown??
Source: "AUD" from liberated bootleg LP (album/vinyl) "Live In Japan", Kornyfone label #TAKRL 1967-RS
Lineage: "AUD"; "Live In Japan" LP> Trade CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)
Quality: vg
Length: 8 tracks = 46:08 minutes
Artwork: included (some low quality scans found on internet).
Samples: none.

Tracks Include (Set list):

Side A (4 tracks = 24:05 minutes):
01 - Shooting Star
02 - Deal With The Preacher
03 - Ready For Love
04 - Feel Like Making Love

Side B (4 tracks = 22:03 minutes):
01 - Seagull
02 - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
03 - The Stealer
04 - Good Loving Gone Bad


1 - HELP!! If you have any uncirculated SPIRIT shows, or better quality FM
broadcasts than what's been posted here before, please share them. If you
know anybody who has shows that fit this category that aren't on DIME, please
dub off their stuff and share it. I'm trying to write a book on SPIRIT and need
all the information I can get. I have a database of over 1500 gigs 1967-1996, and
want to find as much information as I can to add to it. If you have any memories
of where you saw SPIRIT, the more specific the better (venue, city, date, supporting
bands, etc.), I'd love to know that as well. Please leave that in the comments
section or PM me. Thank you!

2 - Show description & comments follow:
This comes from an old vinyl boot album I've had for years. The Kornyfone albums
"back in the day" were considered some of the best pressings out there, and they
had some great stuff. Enjoy!


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