Bad Hat Last Elm Cafe Burlington VT January 13, 1994 taped by jon akland original analog > CD transfer by unknown CD > FLAC transfer by pete grrrshon unknown mics > Yamaha MT120 multitrack > Master Cass? > CD > FLAC set two: 1. intro jam > 2. So What? 3. Billie's Bounce 4. The Country Open 5. Caravan 6. Take the A-Train Here's Bad Hat's debut gig, or at least all that exists of it. Somehow my buddy Jon Akland caught wind of this gig a day or two in advance, called me up to tell me about it, and I dragged my girlfriend (now my wife!) up from Hampshire College to check it out with me (she hated, and still hates, this kind of stuff, and I remember her sitting there totally bored, probably wishing she were at a Fishbone or Nine Inch Nails concert instead). Due to some kind of malfunction with the multi-track, we found at the setbreak that the tape was totally blank. Things went more smoothly with the second set, though at some point during the tape to CD transfer, the taper who did this for me circa 1997 or 1998 faded out the crowd noise in between songs. There's also a very abrupt cut at the end of the final tune which I can't really account for. I asked Jon if he still had the master tapes, and they have evidently been lost to the ravages of time (in fact, he barely remembered what i was talking about when I mentioned this gig). So there you have it ... this is all that remains of Bad Hat's debut performance. Enjoy!