Back in 1994, Trey and Fishman toured with another of their off-shoot outlets, Bad Hat. The band consisted of Trey and Fish, of course, but also included Jamie Masefield and Stacey Starkwhether (now of Jazz Mandolin project). The show is a fun one. Plus it's nice to hear all these talented guys before they really made their mark.

Interesting note: Bad Hat played for two tours (Jan./Feb. and Sept. 1994). Their show program read, "Bad Hat is the quietest band in the world! They challenge anyone to play quieter."

Bad Hat
02.01.94 Northampton, MA

01 Tuning / Banter
02 Bag's Groove
03 Jump Monk
04 Bewitched
05 Intro / Banter / Thank You's
06 Noodling / Vamping
07 Blues For Ernie
08 Take the A-Train
09 Milestones In The Sunrise
10 So What
11 Magilla
12 In A Sentimental Mood
13 The Country Open