Bad Livers
The Bottom Line,
July 5, 1997 (Late Show)

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1) >intro<
2) Judy’s Favorite
3) 6 ft Down
4) Crow Black Chicken>
5) Blue Monk>
6) Crow Black Chicken
7) Where They Do Not Know My Name
8) I Know You’re Married
9) >Mark, Danny & Me <
10) My Old Man
11) Counting the Crossties
12) >chat<
13) Shufflin’ to Memphis
14) >chat<
15) Hogs on the Highway
16) Dallas, TX
17) >chat – tape flip<
18) …Cannonball Rallye
19) >chat<
20) Lathe Crick
21) Shit Creek
22) >band introductions<
23) >Unknown Instrumental<


Danny Barnes: Banjo, Vocals
Mark Rubin: Bass, Accordian, Tuba
Bob Grant: Guitar, Mandolin

Hey, it the 1679th show the Bad Livers ever played!...

A completely uncirculated master I taped myself. The band played two shows Headlining with Dave Van Ronk, who didn’t even make the ticket…it just says Bad Livers…but, I’d say a majority of the crowd was there to see him…of course, this made the early set a sell out before I was able to get my ticket…had I known, I’d have been there a bit earlier…maybe would even taped his set, but since I was forced to go out and about until the second show, I didn’t get back to the venue until he was already on…

But, yer here fer the Bad Livers, and rightly so…they certainly converted, or rather RECRUITED the Van Ronk fans here…a great set of finger pluckin’ oldies and new ones (at the time…). Ralph wasn’t here this night, so ya don’t get any fiddle, but ya still get some lightning fast banjo and guitar jams…Mark Rubin is also one of the most underrated bassists ever!...there, I said it!

Anywho, give it a listen if yer so inclined…Ya don’t find many Bad Livers shows recorded ABOVE the Mason-Dixon Line…

PS – I also taped them 4/10/93 at CBGB’S…the sound is a bit rough, but it’s a fun set…though no covers, fer those looking fer the novelty songs…if yer interested anyway, let me know…

Enjoy, but please!:

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