The Bad Plus Joshua Redman
Defense Jazz Festival
Paris, France


Core Sound Binaural Microphone Set (Switchable Bass Roll-off Filter set to flat) Sony PCM-M10 LPCM 48/24 Audacity 2.1.0 (Fade Out + Normalisation + Track Split + FLAC)

Reid Anderson (Double Bass)
Ethan Iverson (Piano)
David King (Drums)
Joshua Redman (Saxophone)


01 1979 Semi Finalist (David King)
02 Faith Through Error (Ethan Iverson)
03 Introductions
04 As This Moment Slips Away (Reid Anderson)
05 Unknown (Reid Anderson)
06 Unknown (Joshua Redman)
07 Lack Of The Faith But Not The Wine (Reid Anderson)
08 Triste Aujourd'hui ?
09 County Seat (Ethan Iverson)
10 Introductions
11 Beauty Has It Hard (David King)


12 Unknown

2nd Encore missing

Taped by BiNoO