Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting 1970
S�dwestfunk Studios, Baden-Baden, Germany
December 7-12, 1970

SWF radio broadcast - unknown lineage

Don Cherry, trumpet, flute
Manfred Schoof, trumpet
Tomasz Stanko, trumpet
Paul Rutherford, trombone
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Steve Lacy, soprano saxophone
John Tchicai, soprano & alto saxophone
Trevor Watts, alto saxophone
Willem Breuker, alto, tenor saxophone, clarinet
Peter Br�tzmann, alto, tenor & baritone saxophone
John Surman, baritone saxophone
Derek Bailey, guitar
Gunter Hampel, vibes, bass clarinet
Joachim K�hn, piano, alto saxophone
Ir�ne Aebi, violin, vocals
Dave Holland, bass, cello
Barre Phillips, bass
Johnny Dyani, bass, cello
Peter Warren, bass
John Stevens, drums, percussion, cornet
Han Bennink, drums, percussion, dhung
Stu Martin, drums
Pierre Favre, drums, percussion
Karin Krog, vocals
Norma Winstone, vocals

Announcer: Joachim E. Berendt (?)

Disc 1 [d1 to d4 are sugarmegs stream part 1]
01. Introduction 0:59
02. Let's Sing for Him (March In Memory of Albert Ayler) (J. Stevens) 5:01
Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra. Solos: Cherry, Krog, Winstone

03. Introduction 1:07
04. Zwei Quintette (J. Tchicai) 11:29
Stanko, Rutherford, Breuker, Watts, Bennink; Hampel, Lacy, Br�tzmann, Bailey, K�hn

05. Introduction 1:08
06. After the Fight (J. Stevens) 15:01
Schoof, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Watts, Surman, K�hn, Phillips, Winstone

07. Introduction 0:39
08. Sound is Time (P. Warren-P. Favre) 7:12
Warren, Favre

09. Man Peter (M. Schoof-P. Warren) 3:22
Schoof, Warren

10. Introduction 0:15
11. Duo No. 1 (D. Bailey-D. Holland) 2:12
Bailey, Holland

12. Introduction 0:36
13. Duo No. 2 (D. Bailey-D. Holland) 2:29
Bailey, Holland

14. Duo No. 3 (D. Bailey-D. Holland) 2:08
Bailey, Holland

15. Introduction 0:32
16. Toy Room (D. Holland) 3:46
Winstone, Holland

17. Floating Room (D. Holland-N. Winstone) 10:21
Winstone, Holland

Disc 2
01. Don Cherry Demonstration 10:51
02. Introduction 0:51
03. The Whole Earth Catalog (D. Cherry) 24:45
Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra

04. Introduction 0:22
05. Depressions and Illusions (J. K�hn) 3:08
K�hn, Krog

06. Introduction 0:17
07. First Duo (M. Schoof-J. K�hn) 3:59
Schoof, K�hn

08. Introduction 1:36
09. Ballade f�r Freunde (T. Stanko-K. Komeda) 10:21
Stanko, Lacy, K�hn (as), Holland, Warren, Favre

10. Introduction 0:23
11. Inspiration No. 2 (M. Schoof) 7:45
Schoof, Stanko, K�hn, Holland

12. Introduction 0:55
13. Lisabeth (P. Warren) 10:53
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Surman, Hampel, K�hn, Warren, Phillips, Holland, Dyani, Martin, Favre

14. Announcement 0:16

Disc 3
01. Introduction 0:31
02. A.C. (D. Holland) 3:19
Holland solo

03. D.C. (D. Holland) 1:49
Holland solo

04. Introduction 0:19
05. Solo in Ballad Mood (J. K�hn) 5:14
K�hn solo

06. Introduction 0:55
07. Nude Mind Chase (J. Dyani) 15:24
Lacy, Hampel, Holland (cello), Dyani, Bennink

08. Introduction 1:10
09. Round and Round and Then We Danced Isigaba (J. Dyani) 11:30
Bailey, K�hn, Phillips, Dyani, Bennink, Favre

10. Introduction 0:14
11. The Day the Child Cried (Traditional) 6:35
Baden-Baden New Jazz Orchestra

12. Interactions (M. Schoof) 13:57
Schoof, Tchicai, Hampel, Breuker, Warren, Stevens, Favre

13. Introduction 1:30
14. Precipitation Suite (S. Lacy) 8:22
Cherry, Lacy, Aebi, Bennink, Krog, Winstone

15. Introduction 0:30
16. Es Zieht (W. Breuker-G. Hampel) 5:02
Breuker, Hampel, Bennink

17. Announcement 0:06

Disc 4
01. Introduction 0:47
02. Women's Liberation No. 1 (K. Krog-N. Winstone) 6:25
Krog, Winstone, Holland, Stevens

03. Introduction 0:54
04. Prana (K. Krog) 5:49
Krog, Cherry, Dyani (cello), Holland, Warren, Bennink

05. Introduction 0:42
06. Lazy Afternoon (J. LaTouche-J. Moross) 3:44
Winstone, K�hn, Holland, Favre

07. Introduction 0:08
08. Let's Enjoy This Day (J. Taylor) 4:37
Winstone, K�hn, Holland, Favre

09. Introduction 0:09
10. Please (R. Creeley) 1:27
Krog, other personnel unknown

11. Introduction 0:57
12. Three Playing (P. Br�tzmann-M. Schoof-A. Mangelsdorff) 4:42
Br�tzmann, Schoof, Mangelsdorff

13. Introduction 0:39
14. Solo (P. Br�tzmann) 6:22
Br�tzmann solo

15. Introduction 1:37
16. Song for Christa (P. Br�tzmann) 19:20
Cherry, Br�tzmann, Dyani, Bennink

17. Introduction 0:33
18. Black Stirrage (Unknown) 6:28
Stanko, Mangelsdorff, Br�tzmann, K�hn

19. Introduction 0:21
20. Inspiration No. 1 (M. Schoof) 4:54
Schoof, K�hn, Holland

Disc 5 [d5 to d7 are sugarmegs stream part 2]
01. Introduction 0:54
02. My Old Dutch (D. Holland-H. Bennink) 11:19
Bennink, Holland

03. Introduction 1:00
04. Electronic Song (J. K�hn) 5:07
K�hn, Bennink

05. Introduction 0:26
06. Unknown Title 8:06
Stanko, K�hn (as), Mangelsdorff

07. Introduction 0:22
08. Ball for 'Bones (A. Mangelsdorff-P. Rutherford) 7:39
Mangelsdorff (R), Rutherford (L)

09. Introduction 0:21
10. Unknown Title 9:52
Mangelsdorff (R), Rutherford (L)

11. Introduction 0:23
12. Santa Monica (K. Krog) 2:10
Krog (voc, ring-modulator)

13. Introduction 0:37
14. Song from Peer's Castle (J. K�hn) 3:49
Krog, K�hn

15. Introduction 0:41
16. Women's Liberation No. 2 (K. Krog-N. Winstone) 6:28
Krog, Winstone, Holland, Stevens

17. Announcement 0:10

Disc 6
01. Introduction 0:49
02. Celebration Music (G. Hampel) (Part 1) 3:11
Cherry, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Tchicai, Breuker, Hampel, Holland, Bennink a.o.

03. Celebration Music (G. Hampel) (Part 2) 7:40
Cherry, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Tchicai, Breuker, Hampel, Holland, Bennink a.o.

04. Celebration Music (G. Hampel) (Part 3) 4:11
Cherry, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Tchicai, Breuker, Hampel, Holland, Bennink a.o.

05. Celebration Music (G. Hampel) (Part 4) 14:23
Cherry, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Tchicai, Breuker, Hampel, Holland, Bennink a.o.

06. Introduction 1:27
07. Centering (G. Hampel) 6:56
Cherry, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Tchicai, Breuker, Hampel, Holland, Bennink a.o.

08. Introduction 1:05
09. Near Tear One (P. Rutherford) 10:04
Stanko, Rutherford, Mangelsdorff, Lacy, Bailey, Holland, Warren, Favre, Krog (R), Winstone (L)

10. Introduction 0:56
11. Sometimes We Walk Home (A. Mangelsdorff) 9:42
Mangelsdorff, Rutherford, Br�tzmann, Breuker, Hampel, Bailey, K�hn, Bennink

12. Introduction 0:43
13. Trauermusik (W. Breuker) 8:09
Rutherford, Breuker, Tchicai, Warren

14. Announcement 0:05

Disc 7
01. Birthday (J. K�hn) 4:43
K�hn solo

02. Different Things (J. K�hn-P. Warren-P. Favre) 18:20
K�hn, Warren, Favre

03. Gut und B�se (J. K�hn-P. Favre) 9:21
K�hn (p, as), Favre

Total time: 7h 32m 51s

From kinabalu's notes:
This is recorded off radio, medium wave I would think. They are all in mono, though the intros indicate they were also broadcast in stereo. The introductions are by Joachim E. Berendt most likely, the driving force behind these annual meetings. Occasionally one hears communications bursting in on the radio frequency, but not too often, fortunately.

I've been listening to these recordings over the last few weeks. There's too much in there to be summarised in a few sentences, but suffice it to say that the line-up reads like a who's who of European-based musicians in the impro-free jazz spectrum round about 1970. Most were invited, but some actually came along out of curiosity, like John Surman's Trio, and promptly sat in on several sessions.

These recordings feature all possible combinations, from the full free jazz orchestra to small groups to duos to solo performances. All in all, a treasure trove of what was happening at that particular point in time. Thanks to Onx and a US-based trading partner for supplying the yummies. On to you, dear folks!


Many thanks to kinabalu for sharing this on the Inconstant Sol blog.
I have fixed all sector boundary errors and made a few minor amendments to this info file.

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