Badfinger - I don't know if I can start a flood of Badfinger recordings, but I'd sure like to. Can anyone help? A few months ago I made a few comments about offering some Badfinger, & I received some PM's, so here they come.

I'm going to be offering some AUD sourced recordings that probably are just not that good when considering quality. The quality of most of these AUD recordings is just not up to todays par.

One of the big reasons for me offering Badfinger is because you just don't see enough of their recordings around these parts. So I'm also hoping to upgrade my own Badfinger recordings & hoping to increase my collection & enjoy their music further.

Quite a few of my Badfinger tapes have come from the old LP bootlegs, & I will note that where I know. So none of my old cassette tapes are from the CD bootlegs, unless specified.

Also I have been able to find some great Badfinger information on the internet at these following sites:

.... these sites show proof of other available recordings, so let's find them.

Most of the commonly traded quality Badfinger recordings you find are on the "The Ultimate Stereo Live Album, Volumes I & II" bootleg. And commonly the early Iveys material is offered.
Here are some Badfinger related recordings that have been offered here recently (many thanks to those uploaders):

**** Badfinger - February 22, 1992 McCormicks, Houston, Texas .... offered by: markp
source: sony pc-62> sony wm-d3 .... taper: mystical crow

**** Badfinger - BBC .... offered by: SIRMick; August 2004
tracks 01-11 - Paris Theatre, London, England, BBC's "In Concert", 1972-06-08 (Thursday)
tracks 12-21 - Hippodrome, London, England, BBC's "In Concert", 1973-08-10 (Friday)
From the Vigotone releases called "Ultimate Stereo Live, Volumes 1 & 2."

**** Iveys .... BBC 1967-69 .... offered by: ???
"Iveys 1968 BBC remastered (some beatles covers)" 13 tracks = 40:26 minutes

**** Iveys and Badfinger 1968 and early 1969 Complete Live BBC Sessions; London, England .... offered by: ???
From silver bootleg cd "Badfinger - The Iveys Complete BBC Live Sessions" (Adam VIII CD 49-010).

**** Badfinger - June 5, 1979 Texas Opry House, Houston, Texas &
Badfinger - November 20, 1981 Cardi's, Houston, Texas
Both were taped by: mystical crow & transfer & offered by: markp


Badfinger 3 outtakes from Straight Up

Again, many thanks to the people who offered the above Badfinger recordings. Most of what I'm going to offer is of lesser quality & will not compare to those.
Badfinger - February 3, 1972 (Thursday)
Paramount Theatre, Springfield, Massachusetts, U.S.A.

AUD (??unknown gen analog cassette??)> CDR> (wav) EAC (secure mode)> (flac) Trader's Little Helper level 6 (align on sector boundaries)> MakeTorrent v2.0 RC1> dimeadozen> you
Quality: vg- (not good, but not terrible) .... Torrent size: ~265MB (flacs, text file, etc.)
8 tracks = 43:36 minutes

Any help with the setlist is appreciated.

01 taper's check/comments> Feelin' Alright (8:58m)
02 Johnny B. Goode (5:06m)
03 Only You Know And I Know (7:14m)
04 I Can't Take It (4:57m)
05 Day After Day (3:45m)
06 No Matter What (3:12m)
07 Love Me Do> Lucille> Rip It Up/Long Tall Sally (5:35m)
08 Roll Over Beethoven (4:48m)

Note: On this day Badfinger had two performances:
set 1: with The Elves
set 2: with The Elves; Pure Prairie League; Bachman Turner Overdrive
**** Above note from mentioned site above (

More Badfinger to come, later.


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475f2aa1e3a526e17a1029487404b1fa *Track03.flac
7db9f4d9fbb6be47a1536a102703d957 *Track04.flac
c87f973fc594078779f73d12ec5eee1f *Track05.flac
59694f9c1f4e8c6a866a63a8c47000f2 *Track06.flac
a53759b19dba4d5eaa938dc0e72b2638 *Track07.flac
f928389c4751057e0734e7f5953c5099 *Track08.flac

Torrented to DaD by Jeff James