The Bailey Hounds
Milkboy Coffee
Ardmore, PA
April 17, 2009

Ryan Petrillo (Vocals, Guitar & Harmonica), Gary Lebiedzinski (Drums), Jon Jennings (Bass), Vince Federici (Electric Guitar)
Opened for Diana Jones & Kate Gaffney

Schoeps MK8/MK21>Schoeps VST62UI>Grace Design Lunatec V3 + Soundboard>Sound Devices 744t>Soundforge 9 (M/S processing,mix,fades,sample/Bit Rate conversion)>CDWAV>FLAC

Recorded By Nicky Carbonetta & Keith Litzenberger


Fields Of Avalon
O, Matilda
Ressurection Man
Malleus Malificarum
Those Devils Don't Scare Me
The War Is Here Again