Bailter Space The Valve, Wellington 25th February 1999 (aud) RESEED


No EQ or compression added to source material - this is from the master audience recording.
Quality: A

Track listing:

01 Your Invisible Life 5:14
02 Ore 5:41
03 Two Stars 6:01
04 Retro 6:04
05 So am I 8:21
06 Woke Up 6:09
07 Shadow 6:03
08 Begin 6:56
09 V43 11:52
10 Dome 7:01
11 Argonaut 6:11

12 - At Five We Drive 5:46
13 - Splat 6:11

Guitar/Bass/Vocals: John Halvorsen
Guitar/Bass/Vocals: Alaistar Parker
Drums/Samples: Brent McLaughin

This show came to me from a trader in Wellington back around 2003 time. It is to my knowledge one of the last recordings with Halvorsen playing live with the 'Space. To this date I have not seen any other recordings past 1999 with him playing with the band. There is a maudlin vibe across this gig to my ears - it has a similar feel to the MC5 show from California in 1971. Parker's vocals, as commented on by an audience member on this recording, are a lot harsher than what they used to be. The band seemingly having a bit of fun in approaching the newer material in the jam like context they were created in? This is a good show and recording, intense, but certainly has a distinct world weariness about it

As always a really big thanks to the original recordist.

reseeded by HT 3rd July 2011.

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