Baird Hersey & the Year of the Ear
Baird Hersey- guitar (and most songwriting)
Len Detlor- reeds
George Garzone- reeds
David Mott- baritone sax
John Hagen- reeds
Mark Harvey- trumpet
Daniel Mott- trumpet
Tim Sessions- trombone
Ernesto Provencher- bass
Arnie Clapman- percussion and congas
David Moss- percussion
Tommy Campbell- drums
Copley Square (outdoor show)
Boston, Mass. (on Boylston St.)
August 27, 1978
performance quality: A
recording quality: B+
setlist unknown
source: master audience tape
runtime: 1st set 5 tracks 63:17
2nd set 5 tracks 50:12
lineage: AKG D190E microphones >
Sony 158 cassette deck (dolby off) >
TDK SA 90 min. cassettes >
soundforge 4.5 (WAV) >
CD > CD extractor > FLAC 6 >
torrentially yours.
Back by overwhelming demand? Not exactly. I think all of 25 people have enjoyed
my 1st Baird Hersey post (from 1979, with Doane Perry on drums) which puts it in the
glasnostrd19 Toilet Ten for uploads. (only in terms of interest, apparently a young
Doane Perry show with a very good jazz group doesn't seem to mean much to most folks.
Musically it is one of the better shows I've posted (no setlist doesn't help either)
and the quality is pretty good, similar in the 79 and this, although the 79 may have
had better mikes.
This one has Mr.Takin' Care Of Business Tommy Campbell, who would play in some of
John McLaughlin's 1982 tour. This is a similar (not quite the same) lineup as in the
79 show, with some of Boston and N.Y.'s finest jazz players of this time. some of the
music is similar, but not the same, "Have you Heard" songs had not been heard yet in
this show, which is earlier Baird Hersey and Year of the Ear material. the 79 one has
some early versions of that music.
the second of 3 BH shows I saw at this location, this recording is complete except
for 2 very quick tape flips, and another very nice concert with yet another lineup
of some of NYC and Boston's best players. Hard to say which is the best show of the
three, they're all very good music and good sound quality. This is a first time master
seed for all my Baird Hersey in Copley Square masters, and I hope to let others know
the Year of the Ear is finally here (on dime!) at LAST! For a good reason. In this case,
because I found the part 2, which can be difficult with those 70's tapes. This comes
entirely from the original master casettes, apparently the first discs I made of this
(which haven't been traded out and are not glitchy as some of my earliest discs were)
are missing the last 14 or so minutes of the concert, and upon discovering that, I had
to find the rest of it, and finally did, so now it's all together for the 1st time as it
belongs in one torrent package, sounding better than ever. No EQ or Dolby was used to
make or remaster this recording. Only ICPVR (individual clap peak volume reduction) and
level balancing was done to alter this original glasnostrd19 master recording. Now it
should sound nice at whatever volume you like to listen at.
Do not sell this recording.
Trade freely and losslessly.
Share the Baird. Here on dime,
every year is the Year of the Ear.