Baird Hersey and Year of the Ear
Baird Hersey: guitar and synthesizer, most of songwriting and arranging
Stan Strickland: sax and flute
Len Detler: reeds
John Hagen: soprano sax
Stanton Davis: trumpet
Mark Harvey: trumpet
Daniel Mott: trumpet
Tim Sessions: trombone
Ernesto Provencer: Fender and fretless bass
Doane Perry: drums
Roger Spittero: percussion and congas
Lee Genesis: vocals (only on * tracks)

Jonathan Swift's Restaurant and Pub
Cambridge, Mass.
January 22, 1980
(early and late shows)
master audience recording
runtime: 157:11 (minutes/seconds)
1st set 77:21
1: stage introduction > ? 12:44
2: rume? 10:52
3: ? 11:24
4: frame by frame 5:30 *
5: ogumbe 11:05 (John Coltrane, spliced at 6:08, tape flip)
6: biography 11:30
7: band intros 2:54
8: have you heard? 11:19

2nd set 79:50
9: tuning 3:09
10: Baird talks > try 7:45 (end applause spliced, tape change)
11: green noble beast? 7:11
12: one more wall to climb 9:59 *
13: ? 7:08 *
14: frame by frame 5:33 *
15: the prince 17:10 (end applause spliced, tape flip)
16: your voice is like wind on a mountaintop 11:33
17: encore 10:21

Realistic twinhead stereo mike >
Sony TC158SD cassette recorder (dolby off) >
2 TDK-SA 90 min. master cassettes >
played on tascam 112 into soundforge (wav) >
flac (sb's aligned) > torrentially yours.
a this and (almost all of) that production.
do not sell this recording.
share freely, losslessly and gaplessly.
even though this recording wasn't broadcasted on N.P.R.
this concert was recorded for broadcast on N.P.R.
public radio is free for the public.
let's keep it that way.
Baird Hersey was promoting his own album "�DO OP8 FX"
in 1980, but this may have been before that,
since that is more of a "techno/synthy" album (not jazz)
and not mentioned in here as could be heard.
this concert features the great horn playing
of the Year of the Ear's all star cast,
and the musical style is more of a jazz fusion genre
with a couple of more pop oeiented vocal songs thrown into the mix.
the recording came out well, all the intruments and vocals can be heard clearly,
(which is not easy with a 12 piece band, kudos to the soundperson at J.S.)
the crowd was appreciative, although some chatter can be heard during songs.
unfortunately some of the between song stage talk, including the identity
of the opening song, is drowned out by audience conversation which was annoying
in a few parts, but they were decent enough to shut up in the best parts of the concert.
(J. Swift's was a restaurant/pub 1st, a concert club 2nd, even with concerts in progress,
which may be why it closed a few years after this concert)
This show was recorded by the folks at WBUR 90.9 FM radio (Boston Univ.)
for a broadcast on NPR's "Jazz Alive" series,
but don't know if this show ever made it to a radio broadcast.
if not, it wasn't for it being a bad performance. this was nice stuff.
if so, it wasn't going to be from this recording,
probably an edited one since one song, Frame by Frame is repeated
in the 2nd set. (Not the one King Crimson plays. it's quite different.)
this is an audience capture of the whole 2 sets
except a few seconds missed for the 1st set tape flip in track 5,
and some nothing at all going on between songs removed from the 2nd set
to keep it a good fit for an 80 minute CD. this was more like one long concert
than 2 sets since just one fairly short song was repeated.
none of the music, tuning or stage talk was edited out of this recording.
several loud claps and mike bumps were either reduced or removed to make it
a smoother listening experience of a fine NY meets Boston jazz fusion big band.