The Baker Gurvitz Army
BBC In Concert #IC0104
BBC Paris Theatre, Regent Street, London, England, UK
22 February 1975

Broadcast by BBC Radio 1 on 11 October 1975

Lineage Tracks 01-10: LP -> Alesis Masterlink ML9600 @ 24/88 (track splits, fades etc) -> AIFF -> Foobar2000 conversion to FLAC

Lineage Track 11: Original broadcast -> Cassette -> Alesis Masterlink ML9600 @ 16/48 -> AIFF -> Foobar2000 conversion to FLAC - in correct sequence, this was broadcast between 09 Remember and 10 People.

Additional lineage: FLAC -> WAV (16/44) -> TLH -> FLAC (L8, allign on SBs)

01 Intro by Pete Drummond
02 Inside of Me
03 Love Is
04 The Hustler
05 Time
06 Space Machine
07 The Artist
08 Freedom
09 Remember
10 People
11 Memory Lane (Broadcast source)

Total time 1:05:38

Ginger Baker - Drums, Monologue on "Time"
Paul Gurvitz - Bass, Vocals
Adrian Gurvitz - Guitar, Vocals
Mr Snips - Lead Vocals
Pete (Peter) Lemer - Keyboards

Digitized from the original BBC Transcription Disc in July 2016. There�s been a bootleg silver in the past, but unfortunately that version immortalised/preserved a vinyl �skip� on one of the tracks, and many taped copies from this silver repeated the error. We now have a skip-free version.

Unfortunately, the transcription disc excludes Baker�s drum solo feature number, "Memory Lane", and I�ve included a standard-res version of this from my original off-air broadcast tape. "People" was played as an encore, and was faded out in the original broadcast. The full version was included on the transcription disc, and included here.

No Cue Sheet Or Label Scans.
Cover Art Included.

Many thanks to GRC for the original upload on TTD.

Additional notes:
In order to listen to the show in its original sequence I have re-tracked the last 3 songs and arranged them in the order as they were originally played. These files are in a sub-folder named "Resequenced Tracks 09-11".

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Uploaded to DIME by propylaen in November 2016.


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