Banana with Paul Knight
2007-12-13 (Thurs)
Station House Cafe
Point Reyes Station, CA USA

billed as "Grandpa Banana"

Banana - vocals, mandolin, acoustic and steel guitars
Paul Knight - doghouse bass

sbd > Tascam DA-P1 (16/48 DAT)
transfer: Sony R-500 > Samplitude 6.0 (16/44.1) >
Audacity (set one only) > CDWav > flac

recording note: For the first set the sbd was only
giving me one channel and I could not interrupt
Paul, who was also running the small PA board while
he was playing so I had to duplicate the other
track. There may be less bass as I think it was
slightly panned. It still sounds great and is hard
to tell from the second set which was recorded with
both tracks. Also there was no mic on the upright
piano but was picked up by the other mics onstage.
And last, I edited out a bit of personal
conversation after d1t01 and some real dead air
before the piano songs after d1t07

disc one / set one
d1t01 The Cuckoo
d1t02 banter etc.
d1t03 Nanner's Waltz
d1t04 banter etc.
d1t05 Run Red Run
d1t06 banter etc.
d1t07 Get Together
d1t08 banter etc.
d1t09 ?? (piano tune #1)
d1t10 ?? (piano tune #2)
d1t11 ?? (piano tune #3)
d1t12 banter etc.
d1t13 Riverboat Gambler
d1t14 banter etc.
d1t15 Eyes Eyes
d1t16 banter etc.
d1t17 Elephant Mountain Back Step
d1t18 end of set blah blah

disc two / set two
d2t01 ?? (instrumental)
d2t02 banter etc.
d2t03 Cora Is Gone
d2t04 banter etc.
d2t05 ?? (instrumental)
d2t06 banter etc.
d2t07 Corrina Corrina
d2t08 banter etc.
d2t09 Voice On The Wind
d2t10 banter etc.
d2t11 Millionaire
d2t12 banter etc.
d2t13 Impressionist Two Step
d2t14 banter etc.
d2t15 If Your Life Was On Videotape
d2t16 banter etc.
d2t17 Lovers Lane
d2t18 banter etc.
d2t19 Love Is A Five Letter Word
d2t20 banter etc.
d2t21 Darkness Darkness
d2t22 end of set blah blah