Banana and a Bunch of Buddies
6/25/06 (Sun)
Station House Cafe
Point Reyes Station, CA

Banana - guitars, banjo & vocals
David Thom - guitar, mandolin & vocals
Paul Shelasky - violin, mandolin & vocals

sbd > Tascam DA-P1 16/48
transfer: Sony R-500 > M-Box > ProTools LE 6.7 >
Samplitude 6.0 16/44.1 > CDWav > flac

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

disc one/set one
d1t01 banter etc.
d1t02 Used To Be
d1t03 banter etc.
d1t04 Elephant Mountain Backstep
d1t05 banter etc.
d1t06 The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gives To Me
d1t07 banter etc.
d1t08 Hippie From Olema
d1t09 tip jar pitch etc.
d1t10 On My Mind
d1t11 banter etc.
d1t12 Married To The Blues
d1t13 banter etc.
d1t14 Love Is A Five Letter Word
d1t15 banter etc.
d1t16 Fair & Tender Ladies
d1t17 banter etc.
d1t18 Salt Creek
d1t19 banter etc.
d1t20 Cora Is Gone
d1t21 tip jar pitch etc.
d1t22 Down The Road
d1t23 banter etc.
d1t24 Interlude
d1t25 banter etc.
d1t26 Someday We'll Meet Again Sweetheart
d1t27 banter etc.
d1t28 Grizzly Bear
d1t29 end of set blah blah

disc two/set two
d2t01 banter etc.
d2t02 Don't Bury Me On The Lone Prairie
d2t03 banter etc.
d2t04 Old Rounder
d2t05 banter etc.
d2t06 Lover's Lane
d2t07 banter, Happy Birthday etc.
d2t08 Nanner's waltz
d2t09 banter etc.
d2t10 Memories Of You
d2t11 banter etc.
d2t12 Salty Dog
d2t13 banter etc.
d2t14 Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms
d2t15 banter etc.
d2t16 Boston Boy
d2t17 banter etc.
d2t18 Just Can't Quit The Blues
d2t19 banter etc.

disc three/set two continued
d3t01 banter etc.
d3t02 Memories Of Mother & Dad
d3t03 banter etc.
d3t04 The Last Song
d3t05 banter etc.
d3t06 Darkness Darkness
d3t07 banter etc.
d3t08 The Moonshine Is The Sunshine
d3t09 banter, Happy Birthday etc.
d3t10 Voice On The Wind
d3t11 banter etc.
d3t12 Millionaire
d3t13 banter etc.
d3t14 Old Home
d3t15 banter etc.
d3t16 Impressionist Two-Step
d3t17 banter etc.
d3t18 Billy In The Low Ground
d3t19 end of set