Banana with Paul Knight and Keith Little
2007-11-17 (Sat)
Private Party (Mondo's 50th)
El Sobrante, CA

Banana - banjo, guitars and vocals
Paul Knight - doghouse bass
Keith Little - guitar and vocals

Microtech Gefell M300s aprox 5'high/90 degrees in
front of band on wooden deck* > Tascam DA-P1

* you will hear some stomping on the deck during
some tunes

transfer: Sony R-500 > Audiophile USB >
Samplitude 6.0 > CDWav > flac 6

recording etc. by Richard Selleseth

this was my buddy Raymond (Mondo) Johnson's 50th
b-day bash

disc one/set one
d1t01 // Nanner's Waltz (band started before I
could turn on the deck)
d1t02 banter etc.
d1t03 Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
d1t04 banter etc.
d1t05 Salty Dog
d1t06 banter etc.
d1t07 Down The Road
d1t08 banter etc.
d1t09 Riverboat Gambler
d1t10 banter etc.
d1t11 Interlude
d1t12 banter etc.
d1t13 Uncle Pen
d1t14 banter etc.
d1t15 Heart To Heart
d1t16 banter etc.
d1t17 Across The Great Divide
d1t18 banter etc.
d1t19 White Dove
d1t20 banter etc.
d1t21 Muleskinner Blues
d1t22 banter etc.
d1t23 I'd Rather Die Young
d1t24 banter etc.
d1t25 Before The Sun Goes Down
d1t26 banter etc.
d1t27 Hold What Ya Got
d1t28 banter etc,
d1t29 Hold On To God's Unchanging Hand
d1t30 banter etc.
d1t31 Darkness Darkness
d1t32 banter etc.
d1t33 Happy Birthday

disc two/set two
d2t01 The Cuckoo
d2t02 banter etc.
d2t03 Sally Goodin
d2t04 banter etc.
d2t05 You Don't Love Me Any More
d2t06 banter etc.
d2t07 That Was Easy To Say
d2t08 banter etc.
d2t09 Happy Birthday Reprise
d2t10 banter etc.
d2t11 Sweetest Love
d2t12 banter etc.
d2t13 From My Door
d2t14 banter etc.
d2t15 Guess I'll Go On Dreaming
d2t16 banter etc.
d2t17 Sun's Gonna Shine On My Back Door Someday
d2t18 banter etc.
d2t19 Ocean Of Diamonds
d2t20 banter etc.
d2t21 Blue Moon Of Kentucky (El Sobrante version)
d2t22 banter etc.
d2t23 Voice On The Wind
d2t24 banter etc.
d2t25 You Are My Flower
d2t26 banter etc.
d2t27 Clinch Mountain Back Step
d2t28 banter etc.
d2t29 My Walkin' Shoes
d2t30 picture takin' time