The Band
Fox Theater
St. Louis, Missouri

Lineage: Radio Shack PZM Microphone-->Sony D6-C cassette recorder-->Maxell XLII--->Nakamichi CR-7 cassette deck with azimuth adjusted for optimum playback-->Olympus LS-10-->wav-->Audacity to split tracks and adjust volume-->TLH-->flac

This is one of the first shows The Band played after the death of Richard Manuel on March 4, 1986. Richard was replaced by Blondie Chaplin. The Band opened for Buffalo Springfield Revisited and someone else I've forgotten, which is why their set clocks in at a brief 45 minutes. But I haven't forgotten this short set by a group of guys who were still in shock from their friend's death. Listen to Rick Danko's impassioned take on "It Makes No Difference" and you'll know he means every word.

01 Stepping Out
02 Java Blues
03 Ain't Got No Home
04 It Makes No Difference
05 Caldonia
06 Stage Fright
07 The Weight
08 The Battle Is Over