The Band
with Jules Shear

Woodstock, 1990

"Unreleased CBS" aka "Jules Shear Sessions", aka "1990 Lost Sony Album"

Note: these tracks came from a disc received in a trade lumped with tracks from other sessions. The original Wav files were not named (just Track 1, track 2, etc). These songs were tracks 1-9 on that disc. I changed the track names and order after extracting, before compressing. The log file included here reflects the disc as i received it.

I cannot detail the lineage, but I did check to ensure these are not from a lossy or cress-encoded source. The lineage I can offer is:

Studio demos > cassette (unknown generation) > digital conversion > CDR > WAV files with extracted & compressed to FLAC level 8 (verified) with xACT 1.71. Log file & fingerprints included in torrent.

These tracks were recorded in 1990 (possibly 1991), in Woodstock, New York (almost certainly), and may or may not have been demos for Sony/CBS, who had signed the Band in this period, or a songwriter demo for Jules Shear. A version of "Too Soon Gone" ended up on The Band's 1993 album "Jericho", this version is quite different, both vocally and instrumentally. "High Price of Love" appeared on the 1996 album "High On The Hog", again in a much different form.

The Line up here is

Rick Danko
Levon Helm
Garth Hudson
Stan Szleeste
Randy Ciarlante
Jim Weider

Jules Shear
Colin Linen (?)
Others (?)

For much more info, see Pete Viney's excellent article at:
http://theband. /demos_viney. html

1. Tombstone Tombstone (3:31)
2. River Of Money (3:44)
3. All Creation (4:30)
4. Baby Don't Cry No More (3:38)
5. High Price of Love (4:52)
6. Long Ways To Tennessee (3:36)
7. Too Soon Gone (3:47)
8. Money Whipped (4:16)
9. Never Again Or Forever (4:15)

Track Details:

Tombstone, Tombstone (Jules Shear?)
Rick Danko - lead vocal / Jules Shear- backing vocal
The outtake Tombstone was originally recorded in 1991 by The Band as a demo with an amazing vocal from Rick Danko, and it also appears on the 1999 album Kings of Love by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings.

River of Money
Jules Shear - lead vocal/ Rick Danko- backing vocal

All Creation (Rick Danko/ Eric Andersen)
Rick Danko - lead vocal/ Jules Shear - backing vocal
Later recorded by Danko/Fjeld/Andersen on Riding The Blinds. The song is © 1994, though presumably they didn't register it until then.

Baby Don't You Cry No More
Jules Shear /- lead vocal
Pretty standard rock song. The country slide guitar which appears on Jericho demos is also here. It's hard to know whether it's Jim Weider in different style or whether someone else sat in for demos.

The High Price of Love (Stan Szeleste / Jules Shear / The Band)
Levon Helm - lead vocal
Later recorded by The Band in 1995 for High on The Hog, at which time the words shifted to 'Throw it all into the Persian Gulf'. Otherwise it's treated in a similar way to the 1995 version.

Long Ways to Tennessee
Jules Shear - lead vocal, Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Jules Shear - vocals
The most-Band like, it's accordion dominated

Too Soon Gone (Stan Szeleste / Jules Shear)
Rick Danko - lead vocal Later recorded by The Band in 1993 for Jericho. It benefits from the simpler treatment here. It also appears on Jules Shear's 2000 album Allow Me.

Money Whipped
Levon Helm, Rick Danko, Jules Shear - vocals (possibly also Garth Hudson on some bits, judging by his interjections on Young Blood five years later).
With spoken narratives in Tom Waits style. Excellent and very different.

Never Again or Forever (Jules Shear / Rick Danko)
Jules Shear - lead vocal
Later recorded on Jules Shear's album Unplug This in 1991 and Healing Bones in 1994, with Rick Danko guesting.