The Band
with David Hidalgo and Louie Perez

Woodstock, 1991

"1990 Lost Sony Album", aka "Woodstock, 1990", aka "Los Lobos Sessions"

Note: these tracks came from a disc received in a trade lumped with tracks from other sessions. The original Wav files were not named (just Track 1, track 2, etc). These songs were tracks 10-13 on that disc. I changed the track names after extracting, before compressing. The log file included here reflects the disc as i received it.

I cannot detail the lineage, but I did check to ensure these are not from a lossy or cress-encoded source. The lineage I can offer is:

Studio demos > cassette (unknown generation) > digital conversion > CDR > WAV files with extracted & compressed to FLAC level 8 (verified) with xACT 1.71. Log file & fingerprints included in torrent.

These tracks were recorded in 1991 (possibly 1990), almost certainly in or around Woodstock, NY, and are (almost certainly) demos that were rejected by CBS. Louie Perez has written:

"David and I were invited to go to Woodstock in, I think '91, to write with them for a new record which finally came to be some time later as Jericho, not too much work got done but we all had a great time. The tracks are from a jam of song ideas, though the only song of ours is King Joe which was something we had lying around and had never recorded."

For much more info, see Pete Viney's excellent article at:
http://theband. /demos_viney. html

The Line up here is

Rick Danko
Levon Helm
Garth Hudson
Randy Ciarlante
Jim Weider

David Hidalgo
Louie Perez

1. The Battle Is Over (But The War Goes On) (4:56)
2. What Good Is Love? (4:29)
3. King Joe (5:45)
4. Move To Japan (7:05)

Track Details:

The Battle Is Over (But The War Goes On)
An old Sonny Terry/ Brownie McGhee track, so not a new original for sale. It was frequently played in The Band's 1980s shows and was originally demoed in 1985 with John Simon; this is a more elaborate arrangement.

What Good Is Love?
Credited to Hidalgo/ Perez of Los Lobos, and printed on the cassette cover as "What God Is Love".

King Joe (Hidalgo/ Perez)
A great role for Rick Danko, combining with the Los Lobos guys. It's hard to guess why this wasn't worked up and used.

Move to Japan
By Joe Flood, Levon Helm, John Simon, Stan Szelest and Jim Weider according to "Jericho" sleevenotes, and is published by The BandMusic (ASCAP). Randy Ciarlante and Jim Weider played in a group with Joe Flood just before joining the sessions for the Sony album. Joe Flood is a singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. This is an entirely different recording that what ended up on Jericho, a much more stripped down version totally dominated by Garth's accordion.