Band Of Heathens
Corpus Christi, TX --usa--
Brewster Street Ice House

joshuacain notes:
source:SBD>MarantzCDR420[44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]>FLAC
taped by the sound guy's assistant off his own [matrix output] mix from the board onto my [joshua cain's] gear. I think [..hanwaker says......sometimes] he paused the recording in between the songs for some weird reason.

hanwaker: retracked some track-splits and renamed all the files.

i did not change the "talk-before-song" way of tracksplitting as it came that way --
the mix is quite strange ( esp . during the first 2 songs but settles for the better for the rest of the show). . as is the sound of the guitars.. but it's not bad just unusual !
. of them guys seems to have a cough...

one set

17 tracks 1.52 hrs

01 -intro -+-here's to you
02 one more step
03 walking and talking
04 rehab facility
05 heart on my sleeve
06 -talk -+-this i know
07 -talk -+-maple tears
08 tell the truth
09 -talk -+-ain't no more cane
10 wilson and otis
11 -talk -+-what's this world
12 shine a light
13 -talk -+-talking out loud
14 -talk -+-quarters and dimes
15 cornbread
16 king of colorado (outstanding 12+ minute version)
17 jackson station

for cd burning split after track 09

uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2010-11-21