The Band Of Heathens
The Woodlands(TX) --usa--
Dosey Doe

about the Dosey Doe Coffee House (from their website)

Our dining hall is a 150 year old barn from Kentucky. Hawn Hewn (cut by axe instead of saw). It is made entirely of 300 year old growth Oak and Birch. We have added steel braces to the original wooden peg joints.

The Re Raising took two years. Mr. Michael Ford was the construction mastermind and is currently one of our Managers.

We love the idea of bringing this lost art of construction and a very real piece of American History back to life in a fashion that so many can enjoy.

Adorned with all original signage, artwork, photos, general store wares, antiques, leaded glass windows, and milk glass (school) lights all from the late 1880s to mid 1900s. We hope that visiting Dosey Doe will give you a chance to let the mind rest and just take you away.

Dec. 29 Dosey Doe:
I got an AUD recording on the Tascam, but was unable to get a board feed...the house sound guy recorded the SBD to my USB flashdrive in mp3 format, but said there was an error message at the end of the show when he pulled it out and when I got home it only had the first few minutes of the first song only!! Bummer, because the SBD feed sounded real nice (acoustic show) and my AUD recording sounds kinda crappy.


yes it is not up to our standard of SBD-AUD -matrix recordings but anybody@dosy's doing an ordinary aud-rec-job would not have come up with a better is what it is is and it ain't not bad
the chatter dies with the music getting louder and it has the real undiluted audience rec feel to it..
well i did work a lot on this show to make it sound as nice as possible as i know we all are conniseurs of high quality recordings.. this result is the best i could come up with..and as you can tell from attached pictures the audience was served food during the show..a heathen's dinner ? is this the last supper??
source: AUD[StereoApexCondenserMics]>TascamDR-680(WAV[24-bit, 192kHz])>FLAC[Xact]
taped by joshua cain

hanwaker mastering
downsampling and dithering in audiogate...level changes and channel corrections in audacity tracked in cd-wave-flac(8)

the show: 123 + mins

01 ain't no more cane
02 this i know
03 shine a light
04 miss ohio
05 talking out loud
06 hey rider
07 medicine man
08 philadelphia
09 hallelujah
10 what's this world
11 never been to spain
12 cornbread
13 let your heart not be troubled
14 wilson and otis
15 tell the truth
16 mohair sam
17 bumblebee
18 jenny was a keeper
19 --encore noise--and colin presenting gordy !
20 millionaire
21 jackson station

split cds after track 13
add soundcheck at end of cd2

uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2011-04-24