Band of Heathens
Official SXSW Showcase,
Americana Music Showcase
Thu, March 17, 2011--8:00 pm
Austin, TX -USA-

8:00pm The Band of Heathens
9:00pm Abigail Washburn,
10:00pm Kelly Willis &, Bruce Robison,
11:00pm Emmylou Harris
midnight: Old 97's

source: matrix
Audience(FOB) [Rode NT4 Stereo MIC]>Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]
SBD>Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]
taped by joshua cain

a hanwaker mix, edit and track-splitting 2011-04

01 intro
02 polaroid
03 enough
04 -colin banter-
05 the other broadway
06 i ain't running
07 medicine man
08 -ed banter-
09 gravity
10 -gordy banter-
11 should have known
12 outro

a joshuaCain recoding a hanwaker mix and upload to dime 2012-03


Band of Heathens
Antone's, Thursday, March 17

SXSW showcase reviews
By Jim Caligiuri

They may have been the opening act for the Americana Music Association showcase, but the Band of Heathens set the bar pretty high for any act to follow. Concentrating solely on their just released Top Hat Crown & the Clapmaster's Son, the local quintet sprawled several genres while remaining determinedly rooted in the blues.
With songs like "Medicine Man" and "Free Again," the band of singer-songwriters ventured from Motown to New Orleans, with a stop in Austin for some Texas-style slide guitar. Ed Jurdi's "The Other Broadway" brought the Heathens' gospel funk to the forefront, a turn that would have made Lowell George proud.
In the past, Colin Brooks has been a centerpiece as a guitarist with the band, but in this set, Jurdi and Gordy Quist matched Brooks' steamy slide work with their own kind of wail guitar, vocal, and otherwise. The percussive "Gris Gris Satchel" ended the set with a bit of voodoo, a cappella harmonies, and rattling bones. Even if most of the audience was hearing the songs for the first time, the dynamic stage presence of the Heathens assured that quite a few will be hearing them many times over.