Band of Heathens
Berkeley, CA --usa--

America's Back 40 with Guest Host Tim Lynch

source: FM>CDr>WAV>FLAC
taped by Will Skinner
hanwaker edited and re-tracked 6 rough FLACs thanks to joshuaCain

full band line-up.. very much an acoustic gig

01 -intro-*
02 medicine man
03 -interview-
04 should have known
05 -interview-
06 enough
07 -interview--on top hat name-
08 gris gris satchel
09 -interview-
10 the other broadway
11 -interview-
12 -tuning into-
13 gravity
14 -outro-*

*taken from LOW Quality--24 kps stream (1.12 min of talk only)

uploaded to dime by hanwaker 2011-06