Band of Heathens
Fort Worth (TX) --usa--
West 7th Block Party

source1: Audience [Rode NT4 Stereo MIC]>Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]
source2: Onstage [Apex Condenser Mics]>Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]
source3: Soundboard>Tascam DR-680 [44.1kHz, 16bitWAV]

taped by joshua cain

lineage: hanwaker mixed rough files in audacity, tracked in cdwave and flac-ed (8)


01 should have known
02 hallelujah
03 -banter-
04 ramble on rose (hunter/garcia) gordy voc
05 -banter-
06 keep on talking
07 hey rider
08 -dead air-
09 medicine man
10 -dead air and some banter-
11 this i know
12 shine a light
13 -banter-
14 jackson station

tt 52:34 min

a joshuaCain recording a hanwaker mix and upload to dime 2011-10-23