The Band Of Heathens
StageOne, Fairfield Theatre Company
Fairfield, CT

Schoeps mk41>Nbob Actives>Naiant Tinybox>Sony PCM M10 (FOB DFC 30cm/50deg clamped to SBD cage)

Transfer: 24/44 files>Audacity >FLAC16
Taped/matered/transferred by: chk

01 Out On Each Other
02 DC-9
03 Jackson Station
04 Sugar Queen
05 All I'm Asking
06 Transit Wind
07 Over My Head (Viva Scott Davis)
08 Green Grass Of California
09 Keys To The Kingdom
10 Cracking The Code
11 Brown Eyed Women (featuring Reed Foehl)
12 Hurricane
13 Deep Is Love
14 Daddy Longlegs
15 Last Minute Man
16 Records In Bed
17 L.A. County Blues
18 Trouble Came Early
19 Old Man
20 Ruby
21 Hey Bulldog

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